The Book ‘Africa Wake Up'

In this book, Ms. Nthabiseng Lephoko shares her life’s experiences with a hope that many can learn to accept things for what they are and that everything  each person is experiencing is meant to be a preparation to serve the ultimate purpose.

This book is meant for:

  • Each individual venturing into Business and Spiritual quest.
  • Anyone in search of an Ultimate purpose.
  • Find value to learn from others mistakes.
  • Those who are successful and have failed countless times and now ready for a rise.
  • Helping those faced with self-doubt and death to surrender to the unknown, for heaven is never lost.

About the Author

 Ms. Nthabiseng Diana Lephoko is the Current Affairs news journalist, Seasoned Entrepreneur,  founder of the IANATV (YouTube Channel) and founder of a leather design company, Leratolethato (Pty) Ltd.

In  July edition 2013 she was featured as one of the twenty five Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs in South Africa by Destiny Magazine. Her professional expertise is phenomenal and spans many years earning her a chair on the board of one of South Africa's biggest hospitals (Groote Schuur Hospital - Newborn) and a Former National Chairperson of a Political Party that has contested in all 9 Provinces and on the National South African Elections in 2019.

She has also assisted many businesses to expand through her vast knowledge, experience and wide international network. Her daily quest is to lead change in supporting individuals to discover their ultimate purpose.


IanaTv is a YouTube channel positioned to cater for those in pursuit of knowledge and aim to position themselves to be the best in their respective spheres.